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Circulus FAQ


Circulus faq's

What is Circulus, formerly XTBills? 

  • Circulus is an online easy-to-use payment request platform designed to accommodate the needs of small to medium companies that allows you to enter and approve bills from your desktop or mobile device. Platform is currently named XTBills, but will be rebranded as Circulus in the coming weeks. 

How does Circulus, formerly XTBills help me? 

  • Reduces time submitting requests. 
  • Expedites the payment process 
  • Streamlines approvals 
  • Allows request and payment tracking 24/7 


Is Circulus, formerly XTBills going to cost the chapter any additional money? 

  • No.  This system will be included in your monthly accounting services fee. 


Will I still need to submit Transaction Entry Forms? 

  • Yes. But only for submitting Deposits. 


Is Circulus, formerly XTBills going to be difficult for me to learn? 

  • No. It is a very simple user-friendly online system. (See tutorials for step-by-step instructions) 


What will I need to use Circulus, formerly XTBills? 

  • An active internet connection 
  • An active email account 


Will I need to install anything on my computer? 

  • No, it is an online entry system that only requires a web browser. 


How will I enter my bank account information for expense reimbursements? 

  • You will receive an email invitation inviting you to register your bank account within a secure portal in Circulus, formerly XTBills. 


What is a User? 

  • A user is a chapter volunteer submitting vendor check requests and expense reimbursements. 


What is a Vendor? 

  • A vendor is anyone who is being paid for goods or services provided or reimbursed for expenses made on the chapter’s behalf. 


How long will it take to verify a Vendor’s bank account? 

  • A vendor bank account takes approximately 3 business days after test transactions are posted to be active and ready to use. 


After a Vendor has added their bank account, is there any further action required on their end? 

  • No. After your bank account has been added, there is no further action required to verify the account. 


How long will it take for payments to clear? 

  • ACH payments will be deposited into a vendor’s bank account within 2-3 business days. 


How will I know if I need to approve a request? 

  • You will receive an email stating that a volunteer has submitted a request awaiting your approval. 


How will I know when my vendor payment was processed? 

  • You will be able to access a report within Circulus, formerly XTBills that will show where your request is in the process: Ready for Review, Ready for Approval, Ready for Payment or Paid.