IIDA Great Plains Chapter
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advocate for the great plains chapter



Jennifer Voorhees, IIDA
Co-VP of Advocacy (Iowa)
Jessica Doolittle, IIDA
Co-VP of Advocacy (Nebraska)

Interior Design regulation at the state level helps establish and maintain professional standards that protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public. IIDA firmly believes that legal recognition, achieved through registration or certification, brings uniformity to the profession, defines responsibility of an interior designer, and encourages excellence in the Interior Design industry.

WE ADVOCATE to raise the bar, to ensure that qualified interior designers can practice to their fullest capabilities by providing them with the tools needed to succeed both independently and as part of a corporate partnership. Strengthening the profession benefits consumers by increasing competition and ensuring access for interior designers to work independently, as they are qualified to do, in non-structural, non-seismic code-based built environments.

WE ADVOCATE for using a combination of education, experience, and passage of the nationally recognized NCIDQ exam as the qualification requirements. We advocate to be recognized as “registered design professionals” as defined in the International Building Code, which will enable Registered Interior Designers equal access to the permitting process across the state.

WE ADVOCATE to eliminate the misunderstanding and misinformation of our profession, and to promote smart policies that move us forward together.

As advocates, we must know how to talk about what we do as interior designers and find opportunities to share that knowledge with others. We must keep up with current best practices as they relate to environmental stewardship and social responsibility and we must understand how interior design regulation impacts the profession.

When we, as interior designers, know how state laws impact us, we can be a more educated, stronger advocacy base to make real change for the interior design profession.