IIDA Great Plains Chapter

Member of the Month 2019


Kelly Nelson, IIDA
VP of Members


Laura Franzluebbers, IIDA, LEED AP ID+C

Education: University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Bachelor of Science in Design

Employer: HDR, Omaha

Years in Design: 9

Years in IIDA: 6

IIDA Great Plains Chapter City Center: Omaha

What might we find on your desk right now? One thing I keep on my desk is a small “I love you” box where I save inspirational textiles and materials that I hope to use in the future. I also have a sign with a Michael Scott quote for laughs.

What book is on your nightstand? Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman and High Performance Habits by Brenden Burchard.

Do you have anything in your home that you’ve designed/created? A creative outlet for me is making (and sometimes designing) modern quilts. My favorites are made of solid colors that play with positive and negative space. I’ve made over a dozen.

What type/niche of design are you most passionate about? Healthcare design has been the focus of my career thus far. I’m passionate about creating positive experiences for patients and families during times of stress and unease. It’s where I find that I can make the most difference.

What words of advice do you have for passionate interior designers early in their career? Find worth in every opportunity and task you’re given. You’re learning something and it will serve you later. Work hard and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What are the last five songs you’ve listened to? I listen to a lot of podcasts and I never tire of listening to The Lumineers.