IIDA Great Plains Chapter

Member of the Month 2019


Kelly Nelson, IIDA
VP of Members



Education: Iowa State University - BAS Marketing and Management

Employer: Shaw Contract, Iowa

Years in IIDA: 1

IIDA Great Plains Chapter City Center: Des Moines

What book is on your nightstand? Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Night.

Do you have anything in your home that you’ve designed or created? I painted and put new carpet in the upstairs of my house.

What inspired you to go into your line of work? I was inspired to go into sales when I was in college. I took several sales classes at Iowa State with Dr. John Wong and that was what made me want to pursue this career path.

What new products are you excited about? The Assembly and Kindred collections from Shaw Contract.

What are some of your favorite design related blogs? They aren’t really blogs but I like to follow other product manufacturers, architecture firms, and other companies on social media platforms like Linkedin. I like to see all of the different things that people are working on not only here in Des Moines but beyond.

How have you found IIDA invaluable? I really enjoy IIDA because it’s a great way to connect with and spend time with people outside of the workplace. With everyone’s busy schedules these days you don’t really get a chance to know someone during a half hour product presentation. I really enjoy all of the different events because of the opportunity to get to develop a relationship and get to know other people who are involved in IIDA.