Rachel Hoffman

Education: Iowa State University, BFA Interior Design - CIDA Accredited
Employer: ASK Studio, Des Moines, IA
Years in Design: 2
Years in IIDA: 4 (2 as a Student Member)
City Center: Des Moines

What might we find on your desk right now?
Various notebooks filled with lists and sketches, project sample bins, a plant, colorful pens, paint swatches, and a coffee mug

Who/what sources do you look to for drive and inspiration?
My designer friends and coworkers are so talented and inspiring – they are a great source of drive for me. Also, lots of fashion/design Instagram accounts.

What inspired you to go into your line of work?
I’ve always been artistic and knew I wanted to pursue something in that vein, but I grew up in rural Iowa where that wasn’t a typical career path. I submitted art pieces and did various ‘Home Improvement’ projects as part of 4-H, which is how I eventually learned about Iowa State’s design curriculum. I finished my first year in ISU’s Design CORE program before I really discovered that Interior Design was an option. I investigated and thought it sounded like a good combination of my interests and skills. Best decision I’ve made so far!

What type/niche of design are you most passionate about?
Right now, I’m very involved in multi-family housing projects (market-rate and affordable). I enjoy knowing my work can positively impact a community and have learned not to let program and/or budget limitations stifle my creativity.  

What new product(s) are you excited to use in upcoming work?
Large-format tile and bold, unique colors.

When needing a break from it all what helps you escape?
I love to bake! It requires just enough focus to distract me from the rush of everyday life, and I (usually) end up with something tasty to share. I often try new recipes and like to challenge myself. I also enjoy the distraction of a good book or yoga session.

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